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12/25/22 - Christmas Day

A Savior is born to dwell among us! Christmas Day is the festival of the Incarnation: the eternal Son of God was born in time as the Son of Mary so that in His flesh He might free us from the bondage of sin. We rejoice that, because God sent His only-begotten Son Jesus Christ, through faith in Him we are now God's children and heirs of life everlasting. Pastor's sermon, "Jesus: The Son of Man and Son of God" is based on John 1:1-14.

12/18/22 - Fourth Sunday in Advent

God will save His people, just as He promised! The promise of Immanuel--"God-with-us"--is fulfilled in the virgin birth of the Son of David who is also the Son of God. Receive God's promised grace and peace with a faith that trusts in Him, even amid the uncertainties of this world. Pastor's sermon, "God's Kingdom Comes Through the Child Immanuel," is based on Isaiah 7:10-14.

12/11/22 - Third Sunday in Advent

Christ's coming drives the darkness from our hearts and causes us to rejoice as we anticipate the fullness of our salvation in Him. Pastor's sermon, "Isaiah's Gospel Promises: God's Coming Kingdom Brings Great Joy" is based on Isaiah 35:1-10. God bless your worship!

12/4/22 - Second Sunday in Advent

As we wait and watch for the coming Christ, John the Baptist prepares the way by calling God's people to repentance. In today's sermon Pastor Robert Fleischmann directs us to the book of Esther and the faith that trusts that God has placed us where we are "For Such a Time As This," based on Esther 4:1-16.

11/27/22 - First Sunday in Advent

We keep watch for the unexpected coming of Christ--unexpected in that we don't know the day or hour of His coming. Yet that day will most certainly come! And with His coming we find peace for all nations! So, we want to keep watch and be ready, walking in the light of the LORD. Pastor's sermon, "God's Kingdom Is Coming" is based on Isaiah 2:1-5.

11/20/22 - Christ The King Sunday

In a world where God's people are scattered by rulers who care more about preserving their own power than doing what is right, we can put our trust in this sure promise: we will live with Christ in His kingdom, rejoicing in His righteousness, and resting in His eternal peace. Pastor Van Kampen's sermon, "The Lord's Shepherding Love Will Prevail," is based on Jeremiah 23:1-6. 

11/6/22 - Last Judgment Sunday

Our risen and ascended Lord will return to “judge the quick and the dead.” But we will not fear. We will stand before the Judge of all, confident of our innocence in Jesus. As we wait for that day, we find contentment in our daily lives. Pastor Rose's sermon, "The Secret of Being Content," is based on Philippians 4:12-13.