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6/6/2021 - 2nd Sun. after Pentecost

"Keep the Day of Rest holy!" But why? For what purpose? The Third Commandment was given not to benefit God, but to benefit us as we use the day of rest to remember what God has done for us and for our salvation. Pastor's sermon, "Look to the Lord of the Sabbath", is based on Mark 2:23-28.


5/30/21 - Holy Trinity

5/16/21 - Ascension (obs.)

5/23/21 - Pentecost

5/2/21 - Fifth Sunday of Easter

The risen Christ is the vine through which we branches receive the joyous fruits of faith. Abiding in Him and He in us, we believe in Christ and love one another. Pastor's sermon, "Moved by Christ, We Believe and Love", is based on 1 John 3:18-24.

5/9/21 - Mother's Day/Easter 6

The risen Christ is our Friend. It's not easy to think of Jesus as our friend, but in love He chose us and laid down His life for us so He could call us "friends". Pastor's sermon, "What a Friend We Have in Jesus," is based on John 15:9-17.

4/25/21 - Good Shepherd Sunday

The risen Christ is our Good Shepherd. He is the Good Shepherd because in His great love for His sheep is not only able but totally committed to protecting and caring for us. Pastor's sermon, "The Good Shepherd Is Capable and Committed," is based on John 10:11-18.